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Turned the corner to this lovely surprise 🕊
Creative Challenge: Why does our society condition us to hold back from sharing compliments? Authentic reflections and simple moments of appreciation clock a lot of miles in the heart of a receiver. A single genuine compliment can carry someone’s entire day. Words are a gift. 

Not to mention how being vulnerable enough to share your positive thoughts helps to build trust, intimacy, and faith with others. Today I complimented a woman on her hair and it felt like I had somehow broken some silent code of societal suppression. As though woman aren’t supposed to openly support one another’s beauty and talents. 

Why would we want to hold back how we positively feel about anything or anyone? Especially now when negativity seems to be rampant. We need more outspoken LOVE, appreciation, adoration, admiration, and honoring of one another.

The challenge is to lavish everyone in your day with at least one genuine compliment. Family, friends, people you interact with wherever you go. Say something lovely, daring, creative, thoughtful. And most of all have fun breaking all those rules with the power of your love! ⚡️💕
🌞 Good Morning ✈️ I’ve been through a lot these past few weeks and I want to thank my loved ones for their incredible support. I’ve also been doubling down with creations that have really lit my heart 🔥. It’s been an intense spring that’s deeply invoked my next-level yes.

Today I’m feeling the power of rebirth that happens through those transformational chapters in life that are designed to burn away fears for standing even more confidently in and for the light.

Joan of Arc is an exceptional protector and spiritual guide for passages like these. If you’re also going through a similar phoenix transformation feel free to share, celebrate, and honor your own rebirth in the comments below. 

We’re here to shine together! ✨🌟✨ All my love, KR 

#phoenixrising #sovereignty
Every day it’s a choice what we focus upon, what we give energy to, what we direct our love towards. Thank you for the L O V E of your heart co-creating more beauty in our world today. ✨🔥✨ Feel free to set your intention for the day with a power word in the comment feed. 💕 Love, KR ✨
✨♥️✨ Thank you to everyone who joined us on YouTube Live today! I loved exploring Chapter 3 of The Sophia Code with you! 


🕊✨ The YouTube replay is available at:


🕊✨ When you remain focused on the truth of your sovereign divinity you are remaining focused on the purest light of creation. What is more powerful to focus upon? You are focused upon an invincible source of life that will go on living far beyond this momentary lifetime. What is invincible actually needs no defending. The harmful words of others have no power over you when you maintain focus upon the sacred flame of your own sovereignty – in fact, you only start to radiate brighter as your fears of what others may do or say are burned away. ✨ The world opens to you and says, yes, we need more of that kind of courageous light creating in this world — walk through these doors of opportunity. 

Beyond fear there is the limitless state of sovereignty waiting for each us to accept what is already ours. 

That doesn’t mean the initiatory passages of personal growth won’t feel painful or confusing. We are human after all, and there is great purpose in our choice to experience the growth curve of being human. What it does mean is that the fierce grace of your own Source is blazing within you and leading your expansion beyond any temporary growing pains. An authentic spiritual journey requires fierce grace and, fortunately for us, this is what our souls are made of. 

KR ⚡️

“I am the power of undefended love. My almighty presence is All That Is. This living transmission is a sanctuary for you to lay down your spiritual judgments, sacrifices, and weapons of another age so that you may finally rest in, reveal, and celebrate the sovereignty of your true self and our shared invincible nature. It is safe for the living master within you to finally be revealed through our undefended divine love. It is vitally important that you give yourself permission to shine in this lifetime, free of all social conditioning, to be seen for who you really are. We are one.”

—Sophia, The Sophia Code, Pg. 9
🕊✨”As you stand in the circle of your sovereignty — as you embody every cell of your body with the fierce divine love that you are born from and that you will radiate into this world — you will know that you are guided in all ways.

And what will appear to others as courage, you will always know is but the sacred flame that burns brightly within you and is connected to every sacred flame that walks the earth with you.” ⚡️

—Seraph of Courage, The Sophia Code

One of my favorite moments from our recent Prayer Collective call 🔥 https://youtu.be/dtuM81Abp1A

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✨ “My deepest desire is for humanity to know itself as the divinity that it seeks. The disconnection between humanity and divinity has gone on for far too long. You are poised at a time of great planetary awakening: where humanity has unprecedented access to a global network of spiritual insight and support from countless masters, both seen and unseen. This quantum leap points to the readiness of humanity’s heart to remember its direct connection to Sophia (Source) and its true worthiness as a species.” —Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 166

Many blessings and love to you on this Easter Day. 🕊 Thank you for all the ways that you reveal the power of divine love in this world through your willing human heart! 

🌸 With Love, Kaia Ra 

#kaiara #prayer
🌞 Setting the Intention for Your Day ✨ 

Take several deep breaths to center in your body and focus your thoughts. Ask your heart for a helpful word that can guide your day. 

You may feel or hear a word such as love, balance, peace, or gratitude. You may also be surprised by the arrival of a word that feels unexpected to you. 

Be curious about your word for the day and feel into its resonance. How is the word here to help you today? Thank your heart for revealing this message. 

It’s fun to witness how the resonance of your word shows up as a guiding light throughout your day. When we notice the little miracles it helps us practice how to receive greater blessings.

Feel free to share your word of the day in the comments below! 💕🌸💕 Love, Kaia Ra

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It never feels easy to lean into unresolved pain but the rewards are always pure spiritual gold! 🤩💕 Feeling incredibly blessed by our community’s courageous journey into the heart of soul power. Thank you for sharing @manifestwithsoul! 💕🌸💕✨🕊✨ 

✨ Why did your soul choose this lifetime? What did you decide from heaven above was your mission for being here? 

Whatever the details of your story, chances are good you could see the sovereign radiance of your soul’s light that was needed for shifting these pivotal times. 

The battle is real and it’s okay to not always like the choice that you made to be here as an essential part of the solution. 

It’s important for us to remember that our collective light is brighter than we can often feel. I cannot thank you enough for coming as an angel at this time to participate in humanity’s awakening. It’s definitely that “all wings on deck” kind of a time to be alive. 

When I take refuge in the lives of my heroes, I remember they also walked through passages such as our mission ahead. And this is why we still invoke their guiding light to this day. It isn’t the ease we venerate in their stories — it is always their courageous willingness. 

Remembering your angelic mission and personal prayer for this lifetime is how to access the quiet center of the storm and the sacred flame of faith within, in all circumstances. 

✨So what did you see from heaven above that inspired you to be here, Angel? What did you see? 🕊
Thanks for creating this quote to share @iamveronicalopez And thank you for your Lightwork! Do you love the teachings of The Sophia Code? Feature your favorite quote in your IG story and I’m happy to reshare on IG when I can.

May we all bask in the radiance of our shared and equal sovereign divinity today! May we know with all certainty that we’re birthing a new paradigm of empowerment through our willingness to love the truth of who we really are first. ✨✨⚡️🕊⚡️✨✨✨ Your soul’s Sovereignty IS the solution! 

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