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Chapelet des Miracles de Mère Marie en cristal blue et or

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Taille 20 x 15 mm

This rosary inspires:

  • Your bond of heart with Mother Mary
  • Unconditional love for yourself and others
  • The feeling of being held, supported and guided by the Divine Mother
  • Expressing your truth with love and kindness
  • Self-mastery through prayer, meditation and mantras
  • The honor of your direct link to the Source
  • Trust in the intuitive guidance of your Higher Self
  • The invocation of miracles and divine interventions of grace for yourself and for others
  • The Egyptian Ankh symbolizes spiritual protection, eternal life, prosperity and joy
  • The color blue activates the throat chakra and aligns you with your divine mission
  • The color gold represents prosperity, miracles and the ascended masters.
  • Classic rosary style with 59 beads
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