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Transformer le traumatisme en puissance spirituelle | Plan de paiement empowerment

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What would you think of healing if you knew there was a major reason for turning past wounds into soul power? The Turning Trauma into Spiritual Power journey supports you so you can fix your wings and lift them high. In this empowerment series , we will examine the many unconscious ways in which trauma can significantly impact the balance of your body, heart and mind.

You will receive daily practical tools to develop your emotional flow and your spiritual maturity with, among other things, self-care practices that anchor you in your relationship with life. This program offers an intuitive and holistic approach to healing past wounds. In this mentorship series with Kaia Ra, you will discover the radiant soul power within you to reach your highest potential through self-love.

This life transforming journey includes:

  • A series of 8 classes of 2 hours that empower you to explore the important themes of anxiety, grievance, shame, fear, anger and codependency.
  • Journal writing exercises for self-mastery and spiritual practices.
  • Tools to explore empowerment techniques for self-renewal, self-care and self-love.
  • A private online forum for the classroom community.
  • A 15% discount coupon on a jewel from the  Mother Mary Collection
  • Lifetime access to replay videos.