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Éditions Ariane Célèbre La Publication Du Code Sophia

Entrevues avec Kaia Ra

Éditions Ariane Célèbre La Publication Du Code Sophia® Avec Kaia Ra, Le 22 Octobre 2020

Le Code Sophia Kaia Ra en interview avec Lilou Mace

Entrevues avec Kaia Ra

Activer le génome divin souverain en chacun de nous - Le Code Sophia®. Kaia Ra en interview avec Lilou Mace


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New choices
New neurological pathways
New opportunities 
New understanding of grace
New relationship with self
New depth of connection with Source
New space for divine love

With a willing heart, one self-loving step always leads to the next. Which one are you exploring?


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✨🐉✨ My new mantra is 👉🏽 Dragons Gotta Dragon 👈🏽 Period. Last weekend I checked into a hotel suite for 4 days to reevaluate my everything with a consultant. That’s the cauldron “Dragons Gotta Dragon” erupted from. I threw up the everything on dry boards and sticky pads that covered the walls. Slept amidst all of the words that I needed to face from every part of my consciousness about service, leadership, destiny, and the journey of what I survived. We created space for all the feelings, all the dreams, and everything already in momentous motion to have their say. No filter, plenty of F bombs, just went there. I didn’t want to look away from any of it. I just wanted to find the truth of myself within all of it. ⚡️Dragons Gotta Dragon ⚡️

Years ago I met with a renowned Chinese astrologer and he looked at me a lil funny. He said if you were born centuries ago as a female fire dragon with this birth chart the village would have taken you down to the river to drown you the day you were born. Would have considered it an act of compassion to save a woman from the insanity of this much fire. 🔥🔥🔥 The strange thing about that is the only way to truly save a woman from being burned down by her own fire is for her to accept that she is fire, without apology. Be fire and there’s no problem with fire. 🔥 Dragons Gotta Dragon 🔥

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🤠💕 Just wrappin up at the ranch. Today I experienced Equine Therapy with a handsome gentleman horse named Carineu. His attentive heart, kind eyes, and healing ways melted me in every direction.

This week I’ve been exploring next level releases of old stress and anxiety that I no longer need to keep me “safe”. 

As I connected with Carineu and his own journey of transforming trauma into soul power, I felt such an enormous gratitude for the mirror of willingness that he provided for my heart this morning.

Healing from our past walks us right into the vulnerable edges of that unknown space between where we’ve been and our dreams for a brighter future.

⚡️ Standing in that space with my four-legged friend helped me integrate all the frisky choices I made this week to uplevel my relationship with fun and with life. 

I’m so thrilled to announce our 2022 calendar soon! I’m making a commitment to include more of what I love in my offerings to our community—including horses!!! Stay tuned Angels! 

As always thank you for your loving support of my heart. It’s an honor to be in this lifetime with you! ✨🐴✨🍀

“When you access all of you — and all of you exists everywhere through your electrons — your awareness expands to finally accept and celebrate your true divine nature. Omnipresent awareness is the foundational ground for authentic intimacy. 

Accepting your divinity is essential for truly loving yourself.  Authentic love for yourself opens the stargate of your heart, which opens the door to any world that you wish to travel to or create within.”

—Hathor, The Sophia Code, Pg. 106-7

Hello Beautiful Souls ✨ Today I’ll be sharing Hathor teachings from Chapter 7 of The Sophia Code with consecutive French translation. 🇫🇷 It’s always a quantum dream to create sacred space with Hathor and her epic entourage of star angels. I’ll see you on Youtube LIVE at 11 AM Pacific! ♥️ With Love, Kaia Ra

#hathor #kaiara
What miracles are unfolding in your present moment? 

✍🏽 Feel free to share in the comment feed for us to celebrate with you! 🥳✨
Visual mantras and intentions helps me focus in all circumstances. Wearing mantras on jewelry helps me embody that focus beyond my own unconsciously held resistances to what’s expanding through those powerful intentions. After years of leadership I understand how easy it can feel to be overwhelmed or intimidated by expansion. 

When I designed these cuffs it was with a prayer to have daily touchstones of Sophia Code teachings that would keep our wings courageously lifted in our shared angelic mission. Willingness is everything and reminders are so needed when willingness is marching us into so many unknown places within us at this time. 

We can choose to remain faithful to that sovereign flame within when we stay focused upon our truth as a daily practice. With Love, KR💕🕊💕💎✨



One of our favorite pearls from the Wings Up! Conference was hearing @kaiaraofficial share about @thesophiacode_jewelry as angelic ascension technology.

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⚡️The Everything ⚡️ 

Which one is up for you in your spiritual journey?

💕 Self Love

🌸 Self Compassion 

💎 Self Acceptance 

#sovereignty #higherself #selflove
#kaiara #sophiadragontribe