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Éditions Ariane Célèbre La Publication Du Code Sophia® Avec Kaia Ra, Le 22 Octobre 2020

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Le Code Sophia Kaia Ra en interview avec Lilou Mace

Entrevues avec Kaia Ra

Activer le génome divin souverain en chacun de nous - Le Code Sophia®. Kaia Ra en interview avec Lilou Mace


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When Ascended Master Isis asked me to channel this collection she told me that there were days coming in which people would need this kind of angelic technology on their bodies to support their sovereignty, to strengthen their self-love practice, and to remain in faith within all circumstances. 

Every hand carved piece of the Isis Collection is encoded with the living transmission of The Sophia Code and in these times of pivotal change I give thanks that I listened to the creative calling that Isis asked for me to fulfill. There were many vulnerable moments that I almost gave up, but in her wings of grace these sovereign jewels were born! 

Whenever I wear the Isis Collection I feel regenerated, held, and fully focused on my mission. It is my honor and joy to share this ancient medicine of adornment with you this Wednesday for our 💎 Jewelry Giveaway! 💎 

🦁✨ During our Lions Gate Ceremony I’ll be giving away 2 Isis Sovereignty Pendants and a stunning Isis Keycode 1 Cuff. I look forward to roaring in ceremony with you so soon, Angels! 

✨⚡️✨ With Love, KR

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Have you ever felt this way? When you know the way home to your heart’s brilliance is by feeling your way through a deep soul healing? 

I can feel the winged presence of Ascended Master Isis speaking through this powerful reminder as I personally walk through passages of self-forgiveness, self-reclamation, and self-love. As an oracular text, The Sophia Code has an uncanny ability to do that!

It also inspires me to share just how much soul healing activations that I know we’ll be receiving from Isis during our August 4th Lions Gate Ceremony! 

Where does this quote land for your own heart? Feel free to share in the comment feed below. What is returning to you now that was never lost? 

💕 With Love, KR
I’m still remembering parts of what happened to me. The human body has an astounding ability to hold certain memories on standby until we’re strong enough and supported enough to face them. Every recovered memory is a soul retrieval that has the power to step us back into our full sovereign embodiment.

Yesterday was one of those days for me … really this entire past year. I’ve been so committed to remembering. My eyes still hurt from the crying but the timing was perfect. My Higher Self had gotten me ready to see what I needed to know next about myself and what I survived through many divinely orchestrated moments of grace. 

It was pouring rain when I remembered. I love the rain. I ran into a friend that wouldn’t leave me alone and who later drove through a hail storm to stay with me for the night. I had received a special gift with a symbol that’s connected to my star family only an hour before I remembered. I was already scheduled to connect with healing horses in Equine Therapy this morning. And just to be clear, the Universe sent 3 different people to say the exact same words to me: “What a good omen that it’s raining, it will wash this pain away for you.” 

On the third time I heard those words I thought, okay you cannot make this shit up, this is a share. And what I want to share is that if you’re brave enough to go within and face what scares and saddens you the most, you will be met by the sincerest kindnesses of the Universe and all the angels in all their forms, from rain to horses, from strangers to old friends, wrapping their wings around you. Songs will play that are playing just for you in the restaurant and you’ll take a left when you usually take a right to walk right into an unexpected hug.

Courage. Faith. Consistency. Self-Love. Forgiveness. Gentleness. Presence. Self-Acceptance. They lead to an unknown future that’s brighter and better than we can control into reality. 

Let’s go, Angels, our sovereign destiny is calling us forward and we must be brave enough to love our own hearts first within every healing moment to lead The Way.

Love y’all so much 🌸🤠🌸💦💦 KR

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Feels 💕🐆
⚡️💜⚡️ “I assure you: it is safe to be seen. It is safe to lead. To fulfill your great purpose for being here, you must relinquish small ideas about yourself and believe in your divine, sovereign power to create a new world. Wait no longer for the divine inheritance that is already yours. Your destiny calls. Your Higher Self is ready to activate you now.” —Isis, The Sophia Code, Pg. 68

We had the best time with Ascended Master Isis this morning on IG Live, with a special guest appearance from the Sirian White Lions! 🎉 Today as we received their fierce messages of grace and violet ray healing, I could feel a powerful momentum building for our upcoming Lions Gate Ceremony on August 4! I’m so excited to connect with you in that sacred space dedicated to our sovereignty.

Thank you for your courageous embodiment today, Angel! Your faith is The Everything during these pivotal times and it’s such an honor to be here with you.

💕 With Love, KR

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These are times when love is moving through our hearts and speaking through our voices in mysterious ways. The unexpected is not just happening outside of us. Love is awakening in unexpected and miraculous ways within us. The many faces and facets of love that include clear boundaries, discernment, gutsy moves, and standing up for what is sacred are here to stay. 

🌬💕 How are you allowing love to reveal more of your true self at this time? In what ways are you allowing the love within you to speak and listen with greater presence without controlling love’s destination? Love is a power that cannot be controlled and it is here to set us free. The presence of love is both listening and acting in new ways within you and within us all. How are you allowing love to have its way with you? 🥰 Feel free to share in the comment feed below. ✍🏾

With Love, KR 🌸

✨🦁✨ You can enroll for the online August 4th Lions Gate Ceremony through my IG Linktree or on my website here:

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We gather tonight for The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective to read from The Sophia Code, receive activations from the Ascended Masters, and to pray for our bright future together. ✨🌏✨

📣 LIVE Prayer Call starts at 6 PM PST:

🔥 May the sacred flame of sovereignty burn bright in your heart today! 

With Love, Kaia Ra ♥️

Thank you @corrikaruna for posting your beautiful reflections with The Sophia Code! ✨🕊✨ #repostthelove #thesophiacode #sophiacircleleadership
Just a little ET Phone Home hug that transmits how much we’re being guided by powerful allies from across this Multiverse for activating humanity’s sovereignty. That includes the Ascended Masters of our future selves awakening within our conscious awareness now. No big deal. We’re that powerful and that loved in this angelic mission! 

Feel free to write a prayer or quantum reflection in the comment feed below. 😜 Your Star Family is right here by your side, supporting your empowerment today. ✨

All My Love, Always, KR 🌟

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Prayers for France 🇫🇷 Today’s IG TV post ⚜️
Love knows when to stay and love knows when to walk away. Love is a clear yes and love is a clear no. Love is the source of all creative thinking as well as the source of all discernment. Love speaks what we’re afraid to acknowledge and love is the full presence that’s genuinely listening.

Love helps us reach for a better thought about ourselves and to seek a well-informed truth about one another. Real love is raw, fierce, gentle and curious all at the same time. Its the steady heartbeat and soundtrack on repeat of reality.

We can’t fake love — its too busy with relentlessly being love. Let us be clear — Love is not something we create. Love is an invincible aspect of our divinity that creates and feels through us, as us. 

And thank goodness for that, for we can always reach for more love whether we can feel it or not. Love exists independently of our ability to feel it or to act upon its perfect intelligence guiding us from within.

Lucky for us, love is also an aspect of divinity that cannot be corrupted by the suffering of this world. It exists as a sovereign country within our hearts that cannot be overcome by a personal or collective ego structure. 

Love is our true identity as divinity having a human experience. Love is bigger than our ideas about it and is always loving us exactly where we stand in relationship to it and to its existence within us. Love is always the answer and it is always the solution. 

Thank you choosing to be the vessel of love that you are for this world! With Love, KR ✨💕🌸💕✨
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In this channeled ceremony with Ascended Master Isis you’ll activate new levels of abundance consciousness within you  for thriving in every area of your life during these pivotal times of change. ⚡️

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