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Éditions Ariane Célèbre La Publication Du Code Sophia

Entrevues avec Kaia Ra

Éditions Ariane Célèbre La Publication Du Code Sophia® Avec Kaia Ra, Le 22 Octobre 2020

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Voyager à travers les chapitres du Code Sophia avec Kaia Ra EN DIRECT | Chapitre 1

Le Code Sophia Kaia Ra en interview avec Lilou Mace

Entrevues avec Kaia Ra

Activer le génome divin souverain en chacun de nous - Le Code Sophia®. Kaia Ra en interview avec Lilou Mace


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⚡️Leadership is an invitation to embark upon a heroic journey of sobriety from collective codependency and to fully embody your service to the whole through your sovereignty. 

🌬Sovereignty is the true nature of our innate wholeness, which can confidently recognize how to co-create and serve others through unlimited Source energy, unconditional love, discernment, and honesty. 

After 2 decades of serving others its clear to me how traumatized humanity is by codependency — how terrified most people are of being themselves out of a codependent fear of what others will say or do. 🧐

Activating our sovereignty and learning how to live and lead through that consciousness is the only solution. It’s why I dedicated my life to sharing #thesophiacode. 

If approached with a true prayer to serve others, leadership provides an accelerated, lightning path of sobriety from the stranglehold of codependency and initiates us into an authentic embodiment of soul freedom. 

🕊 I want to take this moment to honor the incredible soul work of our Sophia Circle Leaders who attended this week’s Mentor Immersive. Your courage, willingness, and prayer to serve others is a privilege to support. Thank you for the impact of your hearts touching lives all over the world with the sovereignty of The Sophia Code teachings!! 

🙏🏽 Also special thanks and honor to our incredible Team Angels whose mind-blowing dedication always expands my heart in unexpected ways.

Leadership requires everything and is filled with challenges but witnessing how it creates more love in this world is worth every moment of commitment. 

Filled with morning gratitude today! 🌞 Have a beautiful day everyone! Bless your Higher Self embodiment today!!

All My Love, Kaia Ra ✨🌸✨

🕊 Our next LIVE Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program begins this September! Enrollment is now open and you can PM us to learn more. 💫

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🌸 With Love, KR ✨

🌞 Thank you to everyone who joined us live for today’s journey through Chapter 4 of The Sophia Code! It was a great honor and joy to connect with each of you across the heart waves. Thank you for the opportunity to share more about our sovereign divinity and the accessible support of our Ascended Master mentors. It always leaves me in such a blissful state to serve in this way and talk about The Sophia Code teachings. I am filled with gratitude for our international community of Lightworkers! If you’d like to watch the replay, you can check it out at 💕🌸💕🇫🇷


We’re going LIVE tomorrow on YouTube with consecutive French translation through Chapter 4 of The Sophia Code!! 🥰🇫🇷✨⚡️✨💕🎥 @kaiaraofficial
💫 Self-love involves a radical surrender into yourself. It’s quite the hot topic these days but authentic self-love is more than a spiritual fad—it’s the root of every evolutionary leap— and always will be. Self-love requires great courage, honesty, and devotion to remain faithful to its invitation as a daily practice.

You could say a thousand “I love yous” to your own heart and you’re just getting started. We’ve been so conditioned to default to the other thing. Self-hatred, self-punishment, self-effacing patterns as unconscious forms of self-protection… Unraveling our unconscious inner defenses to self-love is the ultimate ask and cannot be faked in any way. The body doesn’t lie.

💕 Some days it’s a hot mess to find the way back to your own heart. 🌬Other days the breakthroughs can feel serendipitous, a life-changing grace in motion that we finally let all the way in. Or there may be a push-back or a contraction before the ease of a heart-opening expansion… the most fascinating breakthroughs in self-love are the somewhere-in-between bittersweet victories that let you know how far you’ve come in loving yourself but that moment of awareness also helps you grieve where you once were in relationship with yourself. All the moments in which self-love was impossible to reach for and the inventory of damage that may have caused.

When I channeled these words for The Sophia Code, they shot like an arrow into my own heart. 💘 I knew the depth of what the Ascended Masters were asking of us. Inviting us to embody a self-love that could ultimately birth a new sovereign paradigm on earth. It’s the only way. A bitttersweet hot mess, grace in motion, honest invitation to our highest potential through self-love. If everyone on the earth truly committed to the inner journey of what it takes to genuinely love their own hearts, we would ascend to new heights of collective clarity, healing, and enlightenment.

So let’s celebrate every step today, because that’s the only way this self-love journey genuinely works for the heart. One self-loving step at a time. ✍🏾✨ Feel free to share and honor a recent self-love victory in the comment feed below. 🥰 With Love, Always, KR✨
Everywhere I went today, the presence of love kept surprising me with more love. Throughout my challenges and wins, love was there inside of me and inside of everything else, cheering me on. 

Then, just to make sure I was clear about what was really guiding my day this beautiful beverage landed in front of me. So I decided to let love have its way with me and just write about how good love feels when you appreciate the orchestrations of love’s guiding light.

One of the things that I love about the presence of love is that it is patient with me. Love is in no rush for me to let it all in at once. It’s always being the love, whether I am ready to trust in its goodness or not. 

Love is its own ministry unto itself and I am a thankful and willing student today. Curious and delighted, humbled and thrilled by its creative acts of kindness.

How is the presence of love upending your reality in unexpected ways? What do you discover about yourself when you give into the presence of love? Feel free to share in the comment feed how love is moving in and through your life. Maybe even rearranging your life. 

Whatever love is up to with you, I am celebrating its relentless pursuit of you! 🤩💕🌸💕

From Inside the Love,
KR ☀️
Gentleness 🌸 It’s what we’ll need this week and all through June’s astrological alignments. 🪐 Gentleness with our own hearts first. And then from that self-loving space within, compassion for others will flow forward in unexpected ways. If we set the intention for gentleness to be the key 🗝 for the coming month, then even in challenging moments there will be temperance guiding everything that’s unfolding. 

The temperance of gentleness brings a cooling mist to fiery words and a kinder perspective to a harsh moment. Gentleness is always an invitation to treat others how we want to be treated, especially in moments that stretch us beyond our comfort zone. Gentleness allows for alternative quantum potentials to appear that did not exist before a choice to be gentle.⚡️

How are you practicing gentleness with your own heart, gentleness with the path ahead of you, and gentleness with others? It’s a divine quality of Higher Self consciousness that’s super important to reflect upon for the days ahead. Feel free to share your thoughts on gentleness below.

💕✨With Love, Kaia Ra

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#compassion #prayerworks
There is so much power in knowing what is real for you without having to defend it to anyone. What would this world feel like if we surrendered into undefended love? There would be nothing to prove and everything to co-create with one another … I’m voting for that future reality right here and now. We can build this collective resonance of undefended love, one self-accepting step at a time. 


Always loving you, KR

Kindness fascinates me. It softens the hardest edges, opens doors that never existed before, and is impervious to cruelty. Kindness naturally raises any present moment to its highest potential.

Kindness is always listening with the ears of the heart. It does not judge, wielding discernment with curiosity and compassion as its compass. 

Kindness is an aspect of our inherent innocence that grows and evolves through the wisdom of our messy human experience.

Kindness alchemizes the elements of: respect, generosity, willingness, intuition, unconditional love, and imagination into quite a unique phenomenon that we can always choose. Always reach for. Maybe fall short of — but then there’s grace in just the attempt to be kind instead of the other thing.

I love to recognize and receive the kindnesses of others. But most importantly I love how acting with kindness makes medicine on my own heart. Kindness up levels your game, every time. 

The rich depth of kindness … how is it guiding your light to shine these days? 

Feel free to share in the comments below. 🖋✨ Thank you always for the gift and offering of your kindness back to life. 

With Love, Kaia Ra 💕🌸💕

Creative Challenge: Why does our society condition us to hold back from sharing compliments? Authentic reflections and simple moments of appreciation clock a lot of miles in the heart of a receiver. A single genuine compliment can carry someone’s entire day. Words are a gift. 

Not to mention how being vulnerable enough to share your positive thoughts helps to build trust, intimacy, and faith with others. Today I complimented a woman on her hair and it felt like I had somehow broken some silent code of societal suppression. As though woman aren’t supposed to openly support one another’s beauty and talents. 

Why would we want to hold back how we positively feel about anything or anyone? Especially now when negativity seems to be rampant. We need more outspoken LOVE, appreciation, adoration, admiration, and honoring of one another.

The challenge is to lavish everyone in your day with at least one genuine compliment. Family, friends, people you interact with wherever you go. Say something lovely, daring, creative, thoughtful. And most of all have fun breaking all those rules with the power of your love! ⚡️💕
🌞 Good Morning ✈️ I’ve been through a lot these past few weeks and I want to thank my loved ones for their incredible support. I’ve also been doubling down with creations that have really lit my heart 🔥. It’s been an intense spring that’s deeply invoked my next-level yes.

Today I’m feeling the power of rebirth that happens through those transformational chapters in life that are designed to burn away fears for standing even more confidently in and for the light.

Joan of Arc is an exceptional protector and spiritual guide for passages like these. If you’re also going through a similar phoenix transformation feel free to share, celebrate, and honor your own rebirth in the comments below. 

We’re here to shine together! ✨🌟✨ All my love, KR 

#phoenixrising #sovereignty
Every day it’s a choice what we focus upon, what we give energy to, what we direct our love towards. Thank you for the L O V E of your heart co-creating more beauty in our world today. ✨🔥✨ Feel free to set your intention for the day with a power word in the comment feed. 💕 Love, KR ✨